What is Fibernet

Fibernet is the latest technology, fiber optic broadband is promising super fast speeds for internet needs. Its name has come from the use of plastic or glass cable, these cables allow faster data transfer compared to standard copper wires which are used for broadband connections. Fiber optic broadbands literary uses fiber optic cables to send data, it is very fast than the standard copper cables ADSL broadband. Many companies in India are coming up with there own optic fiber broadband connections for better connectivity.

Difference between ADLS and Optic fiber broadband

ADSL is a traditional method of transferring data using copper cables from nearest telephone exchange to your home or office, higher the distance between your office and telephone exchange slower will be the speed of your internet where as distance between your modem and the place from where data is transferred will not affect the quality and speed of internet. copper cables slower the speed of data if the internet traffic is higher, it is just like traffic on roads. IN ADSL  working speed goes slower as the copper cable becomes old, it also affects the internet speed during monsoon and humid weather. ADSL usually provides speed  from 1mbps to 40mbps, this speed is suitable for browsing and emails but it cannot support web streaming services.

Fiber Internet  it is also known as superfast broadband, it uses fiber optic cables to transfer data. This means data has the potential to travel at the speed of light, it doesn’t get affected by the distance between office and the exchange. It also not slower the download speed if internet traffic is higher. Fiber optic internet provides higher speed suitable for web streaming services like Netflix and prime videos, online gaming and use of multiple devices or users on one connection. It is suitable for business depends on online work like online marketing and web hosting. Laying fiberoptic cable is expensive than ADSL services.

Top broadband providing companies in India

  1. Airtel V-fiber broadband.FTTH – This company is providing services in more than 30 cities in India, it has the plan to reach more than 100 cities in India. It has designed various plans for  customers depending upon which city he lives in.
  2. jio Giga fiber broadband.- Jio has launched this services to the nation on 15th august 2018, It has promised the users to provide 10 times speed to home users, entry of jio in this segment will bring down the prices and it will also trigger stiff competition among telecom firms.
  3. MTNL broadband
  4. siti cable broadband
  5. Spectra broadband
  6. Excitel broadband
  7. BSNL broadband
  8. Hathway broadband