Delhi University Open Book Examination (OBE)

Delhi University Open Book Examination (OBE)


Delhi University has decided to conduct open book examination for this session due to covid-19 pandemic from July 1. The university is also planning to conduct mock exam to check the success and efficiency of open book examination (OBE).

Delhi University has decided for open book examination (OBE) to prevent the students from being infected from covid-19 viruses. This has been decided for observing social distancing and other safety measure.  If university will go for conventional mode of exam it will become difficult to make students follow the covid-19 pandemic safety measures.


Mock Test

Though, Delhi University has asserted that the internet requirement for the examination is limited. University has planned to conduct mock test a week prior to the main exam. Link for the mock test will be available on university website a week prior to the main exam. This mock test will help the students to practice and get accustomed to the pattern of open book examination (OBE).

How the Question paper will be send to students

  1. Question paper will be uploaded to the university website 45 minutes before the exam starts. It will also be mailed or send on whatsapp if required.
Timing for exam

A considerable time for 3 hours will be given for writing the exam and there after one hour will be given for uploading the answer sheets. Students are advised to write on A4 sheets for the convenience of uploading same type of sheets by all students.

Timing for specially abled students will be 5 hours, extra timing for an hour is given for them. It has been observed that the blind and other specially abled student required more time due to their special needs.

How the students who have migrated to their home towns will write the exam?

Most of the students have complained to the university about lack of internet facilities and devices required to download question paper and uploading the answer sheets.  If the students are living in area like J& K and other places where network is not available will be given chance to write pen and paper exam after restoration of normalcy or they can use facilities of Common Service Centers (CSC) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for downloading question paper and uploading the answer sheets. Students who have network facilities in their areas are required a smart phone to download question paper and uploading scanned answer sheets.

What if students fail to attend open book examination (OBE)?

Any student due to any reason fails to write the open book examination (OBE) will be give conventional mode exam after normalcy.

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